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Better Together.

“The CIPS QM Environmental Joint Venture was developed over two years of hard work and relationship building between our firms.  CIPS saw a need for QM services in our Indigenous communities as our infrastructure ages and fails to meet basic health standards.  QM has the ability to provide the guidance, capital and experience our team requires to serve our Indigenous communities in a ‘Good Way’. This synergy of opportunities and values led to a venture that has been economically and socially beneficial from Day 1.”


Michael S. Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer


Curve Lake First Nation

Our Joint Mission

Utilize our combined expertise to deliver important land reclamation services when a project will either benefit the Indigenous economy through revenue generation, skill development or provide a market demanded Indigenous to Indigenous direct delivery of services.

Our Five Year Vision


Over the next five years, we aim to:

  • Secure joint projects to integrate our combined services

  • Develop mid and senior level First Nation based professionals with project management abilities to lead projects

  • Concurrently, develop an Indigenous crew capable of managing entire projects from bid to completion

  • Formalize the commercial relationship between our companies to be a fully supported team of Indigenous professionals serving the Indigenous and Canadian economy.

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