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Our Services

QM Demolition and Decommisioning.png
Demolition & Decommissioning

We are a recognized leader in the delivery of demolition, decommissioning, and investment recovery services for industrial, commercial, institutional, and government clients.




  • Structural and selective demolition

  • Engineered solutions and work plans to support safe & efficient execution of complex decommissioning mandates

  • LEED decommissioning practices

QM Environmental Remediation.png
Environmental Remediation​

QM’s Environmental Remediation division has completed over 2,500 projects across Canada in the past 15 years. We provide safe and innovative solutions to address some of the most challenging and sensitive contaminated sites in Canada.


We utilize a variety of remediation and reclamation methods, from:


  • Excavation

  • Stabilization and solidification

  • Water treatment

  • Barrier walls

  • Liners

  • In water works

  • In-situ remediation

Emergency Response.jpg
Emergency Response

With years of extensive training and knowledge, QM's Emergency Response division continues to lead the industry with innovative techniques in responding to all classes of dangerous goods. We have the largest Nation-wide Emergency Response teams in Canada with over two decades of highly executed responses.




  • 24/7 National Emergency Call Center

  • Marine Response and boom deployment

  • National Emergency Spill Response

  • Confined space management and rescue

  • Decontamination & Infection Control (Included Covid-19)

  • High risk industrial cleaning

  • Emergency Plan Development

  • Emergency & Business Continuity Consulting

  • Training Services

QM Hazardous Materials Abatement.jpg
Hazardous Materials Abatement

​We provide full-service capabilities, delivered by a highly trained team of Abatement Technicians. Utilizing the latest abatement technologies, we are fully equipped and prepared to handle a wide range of toxic materials and building contaminants.


We provide the following services:


  • Asbestos and heavy metal abatement (e.g., lead and mercury)

  • Mould remediation

  • PCB abatement

  • Building containments

  • Biohazard clean-ups

  • Hazardous waste management and disposal

Waste Management.png
Waste & Soil Management

QM is an industry leader in providing solutions for waste disposal and recycling programs. We also have the necessary facilities to manage waste for industrial, commercial, retail, and residential customers.


Our Waste Transfer Station is fully licensed and approved by the Ministry of Environment for accepting solid, non-hazardous waste streams, as well as recyclable materials.


The Waste Transfer Station Features include:

  • Dual scale for fast turnaround

  • Large, open yard

  • Large tipping floor to accommodate more vehicles

  • Staff trained in CPR and traffic control

  • Staff knowledgeable in identifying potential hazards of incoming waste

  • Provision of scraps for frozen loads from bins free of charge

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